Few words about us

About us

A boutique finance company in the heart of United Kingdom. We offer our clients simple solutions to complicated financial requirements. As a unique alliance of traditional banking methodology, we offer our clients bespoke solutions. Business Finance Options Limited: “Delivering excellence; On-time and on-target.” We would like to call ourself a financial supermarket. We are a needle to airplane or in financial terms a PL to PE organisation, which has special focus on the asset side of the business. Business Finance Options Limited advises its clients on the best ways and means to raise monetary resources.

We take up the mandate right from the identification to closure. The world of finance is a constantly changing environment, presenting new opportunities and challenges. To succeed and thrive, we listen, learn and evolve to counter those changes and benefit. Located within one of the world’s premier banking communities, partnered with some of the largest financial institutions and professional service providers, Business Finance Options Limited are at the cutting edge. Effective, viable solutions to meet your current financial requirements


Our duties

We specialize in large funding/loans against financial instruments. We have sound relationship with top Banks/Trusts and Private lenders who can commit billions of funds within a short period of time.

Our Financial Reach

We have access to major capital market lenders, secondary Banks and merchant Banks that can commit amounts of funding to qualified borrowers. We also work with a group of Institutional Assets Managers that provide international funding from $5 million to $50 billion US dollars

Our Experience

We have extensive knowledge and many years of experience in applying a wide variety of financial valuation techniques. Our Firm's professionals are well versed in the use of discounted cash flow, liquidation, real options, comparable company, and comparable transaction valuation techniques.

Our Vision for our Client

Our Team advise clients, Keeping track of the growing demand for Loan facilities, we are able to provide bespoke solutions to our clients allowing the provision of huge loans and the effective monetisation of ‘leased’ and owned securities.