What our clients think about us?

We can all agree that fancy spreadsheets and pretty graphs don’t win deals. People do. Business Finance Options Limited are an A-team and a critical part of the equation. They have proven their ability to execute with customers every day.

Alice Boyd

Business Finance Options Limited helped to accelerate and ultimately get closure to our transaction. Without the financing options, we would have been in bad shape. The finance option certainly helped.

Jennifer Lee

I think of BFOL and their management team as core specialists. They are a valuable resource to leverage at the right time. Quite frankly, I learn something new every time I engage them with BFOL and I believe that with their help, I am more successful at closing deals.

Brandon Ross

The Business Finance Options analysis converted finance into a champion of the project, actually pressuring us to do the deal because it was in alignment with finance’s initiatives. The Business Finance Options's analysis was the cornerstone for the deal!”

Doris Flores

“Nice job on this morning’s call. While we still have a way to go closing the deal, I did want to make known the unsolicited comments made by the customer about your role on the call today. The customer is a stickler for process and detail, so their accolades tend to be few and far between. For the customer’s executive buying team to comment positively takes a lot! To that end, they commented, ‘The company is very professional. It’s an easy way to step someone through the process and an easy way to show quantitative and qualitative benefits of the solution.’

Thanks for doing a great job with this; your attentiveness, responsiveness and professionalism have gone a long way with solidifying our credibility with the customer.

Thomas McKenzie

I have always found the service given by Business Finance Options, to be readily given, efficient and easy to understand whether it was by telephone, written or in meetings. Meetings have always been useful with adequate options and explanations such that discussions could be effective, leading to future planning and decision making It’s not so much about the services they provide, which for the record are extensive, it’s more about the fact they care about our business and show it in every discussion we have.

Jennifer Lee

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